Week 15 – Extra Credit Class Evaluation

Overall I really enjoyed art 110 because not only did I do and try many new things, I got to meet many new people as well and learn about different art related things. I really enjoyed the many art activities we did. But I think my favorite would have to be the plastic mold of our hands. Overall the experience was something new for me because I never did anything like it before so it was very fun doing it for the first time. Although my mold didn’t come out that well I still really liked the activity overall. Another art activity I really liked was the sketching in the garden. I really enjoyed that art activity because it was very calming and it gave me a reason to finally go to the japanese garden something Ive been wanting to do since I was a freshman. Another art activity that I really enjoyed doing was the graffiti writing because like most art activities we did, it was something new for me. I have never done graffiti and doing it on a smaller scale gave me that opportunity. Although there was some art activities I didn’t really like like the ethnography because even though I had planned to sleep during it I couldnt really fall asleep for most of the night because I was so accustomed to using my phone and falling asleep with it. And when i didnt have it, it was very hard for me. Ultimately I really enjoyed using wordpress because it gave me an outlet to let other people know about the many different things I’m doing in class. It provided all of my thoughts and emotions all in one place for me to look at and I really enjoyed using it. When it came to slack I found it really difficult to get used to it at first, trying to understand the different talking areas etc. But once I got used to it I began to like it because it was a place to give opinions on Tee7J7Yg.jpgdifferent topicgyTKFYj.jpg41cjPOFg.jpg


Week 15 – Design Thinking Applied to life

1.The thing you currently think you’ll be doing with your life – Right now the thing I think Ill be doing with my life is work towards my biology degree and hopefully graduate from university in 4 years total. Afterwards maybe go to graduate school to further my education or maybe even possibly go to medical school. Afterwards I hope to eventually graduate from medical school and become a doctor. Eventually I want to do many great things as a doctor where I would eventually find someone I love, get married and have kids. That is my ideal life that I think I want to be doing.  Overall I feel like confidence would be maybe 90% + because overall I think being a doctor is a pretty prestigious job and that would definitely give me confidence. My resources might be 90%+ as well because being a doctor is a pretty well paying job and that would account for plentiful amount of resources for me to be using etc. My impact I feel would be like 95% because I would be saving peoples lives and I think that is pretty impactful. And my satisfaction would be 95% as well because I would definitely be satisfied at what I have accomplished.


2. The thing you would do if the current thing disappeared tomorrow – I think the thing I would if the current thing I planned for disappeared tomorrow would be still work towards my biology career and still go to graduate school. But instead of trying to go to medical school and become a doctor would become a teacher. I always kind of liked the idea of teaching other students. But honestly before that I would like to sort of teach like a bio or chem lab. I always found that really interesting. So if I couldn’t do what I planned to do I would finish my studies for a biology major, and either teach a lab or become a full blown teacher like at a high school or something. Overall I feel like my confidence would be at around 80% because I think being someone kids look up to learn different things would increase my confidence. My resources would prob be around 80% as well because overall I dont think teachers of lab instructors make that much money so I think my money would be limited. My impact would prob be 90% because helping others learn a certain subject definitely not only impacts yourself but others because you are furthering their education as well. My satisfaction would be 90% because I would be happy knowing Im helping others further their own career paths.

3. The thing you would do if you were financially secure, and no one would ever laugh, go ahead, what would it be – If I was financially secure and no one would ever laugh at what I was doing would be to just sit at home and play videogames honestly. Its something Ive done my whole entire life. With enough free time I feel like I could get really good at a video game and possibly even become a pro player in it. Overall I feel like my confidence would be around 70% because I would just be staying home all day playing video games and not really going out. My resources would be 100% but I would be financially secure and I wouldnt need to buy much if I was just staying home and playing videogames. My impact would prob be around 50% because I feel like I wouldn’t be impacting many people by just playing video games unless its with the people I am playing with. My satisfaction would prob be around 100% because who doesn’t want to just sit around and do nothing but play games all day.

Interview – I talked to my previous high school senior biology teacher and she said she loves her job. She loves teaching students and helping them in their future career paths. She puts a lot of time and dedication into her job and that brings her a lot of satisfaction in life. Overall I think LinkedIn is a good tool to use because it gets you involved with others with similar interests as you and it can get you out there to pursue your career path. When it comes to practice I think since I want to pursue grad school in my 2/3 career paths I would probably sit in on classes and learn more about how things work and then go from there. Doctor-with-Tablet.jpg

Week 14 Classmate Conversation – Noel

So this week I talked to an old friend of mine Noel. He is a second year student at CSULB and is majoring in recreation and leisure with a focus on community recreation. Noel and I went to Lakewood High School where we became really good friends. Noel likes to hang out with friends. He enjoys listening to rap music, like Kendrick Lamar, and Drake. Noel loves to play soccer, baseball. After Noel graduates from CSULB with a degree in recreation and leisure he aims to become a recreation coordinator. Overall Noel strives to do good in school and achieve a degree. He is very sociable and enjoys hanging out with friends in and outside of school. I am glad Noel and I have became very good friends over the years.

Week 14 Art Activity – Sketching in the Garden

Overall I really enjoyed this art activity a lot, because not only had I wanted to actually go see the Japanese garden myself since freshman year, but it also gave me the freedom to draw nature. Drawing nature is something that I always found interesting and with this art activity I finally got the opportunity to do so. At first glance I didn’t know what to expect going to the Japanese Garden but once I was in there I was in shock, it was actually such a big garden I didn’t really expect it. I drew various different sketches but I tended to focus on a sort of big picture of the garden. One that included a walkway, trees, and other various things that happened to be in the vicinity. I feel like its pretty easy to discern what I was trying to draw, because I managed to get a good sketch in. Overall I really enjoyed this art activity because it helped me to do something I’ve always wanted to do and it gave me the experience to draw something from nature.

Week 13 Artist Conversation Laura Lopez

Artist – Laura Lopez

Media – Large canvas paintings

Gallery – Werby

Exhibition – Selvatica

About the artist – Laura Lopez was born in Columbia and at a young age traveled to the United States, where she pursued an education in painting and drawing. She is now about to graduate with an MFA in drawing and painting . Once she has graduated she hopes to do an artist residency to further her artistic career, with thoughts of going back to Columbia as well. Laura loves to express herself in many ways throughout her art work but also through singing and dancing is what she likes to do to express herself and have fun.

Formal Analysis – Huge canvases with varying bright colors. Different colors are given to different trees to signify that nature is very special and unique. Although the colors vary differently and are very bright they each come together to form one unique picture.

Content Analysis –  Laura Lopez uses the very bright almost neon like warm colors to use in her artwork. She uses this to give off the sense of feeling sort of like “hey look at me”, the colors help to signify that because they’re so bright and they draw attention. I think that is was what Laura wanted, she wanted to bring attention to nature and to show its beauty. Which is why she uses different colors. If she used the same color for the whole art piece it would be bland and boring. But if she uses varying bright colors the art work comes to live and shows how beautiful and unique nature really is.

Synthesis / My Experience – Looking at her exhibition I fell in love. I loved how the colors popped right out at you, and I loved how Laura used the varying colors to bring them all together into one beautiful piece of art work. She essentially brought her art work to life by using certain aspects of coloring. She gives off the feeling that nature has unique beauty that many people don’t seem to understand, but to those who really do understand. It is something special.

Week 12 Art Experience – Ethnography

Honestly, at first I thought the whole experience was going to be extremely difficult. I mean no electronics for a whole night is something you don’t hear often now a days. But once I realized I just have to sleep the whole experience was really easy. At first it was a little frustrating not being able to reach over and grab my phone, but after a while it was liberating. I honestly think I did get better sleep because without constantly looking at my phone I was able to go to sleep earlier. Usually I am sleep deprived but once I went to bed earlier I got some much needed rest. Living without electricity is more harmonious with nature because its going to back our roots. Our ancestors didn’t have electricity at first and they used nature for their whole livelihood. Living without electricity is def boring but the more used to it you get the more things you find out to get rid of that boredom. People survived without constant stimulation by keeping busy. Helping around the house, going out, different things to keep their minds off the constant stimulation. My ideal level would be a balance between connectivity, and life activity. Not too much of both but a sweet spot of the 2.

Week 12 Artist Conversation – Travis Lober

Exhibition – Work: Its a four letter word

Media – Print

Gallery – Merlino

About the Artist -Travis lober is working towards his BFA in print making and is currently in his last year at CSULB. Originally from NorCal Travis moved over to SoCal once he got accepted into CSULB. Originally he was majoring in graphic design but later on he switched his main focus to print making and he hopes to have a future career in it once he graduates.

Formal Analysis – At first glance Travis goes on to state that overall this exhibit took a long time to create due to the very meticulous attention to detail he did. Overall it took him about 3 years to create this exhibit and that is because he paid very close attention to detail. The main inspiration for this exhibit was Travis’ first job which was a construction worker, that is where he got most of his inspiration from and applied it to his exhibition. Applying what he learned from working construction he applied it to his art work and that is shown by how meticulous all of his works of art are.

Content Analysis – As Travis worked construction he gained a lot of knowledge and passion for what his job and that later became applicable to his art career. Becoming well known around different tools that allowed him to build a connection to not only the tools of his work but to his work overall. Pertaining to this exhibit he applies his connection to his tools and that is what he tries to show. A defining meaning that he learned as he worked construction and he became to appreciate his tools that used to work construction.

My Experience/ Synthesis – Overall this exhibit was very interesting, it opened a new perspective for me in terms that anything can be applied to art work. In this case an old job. Although me personally I haven’t had a job yet, I feel like if I did I could apply what I learned from that job into my overall life like Travis did. His appreciation for his work tools opened my eyes because anything is appreciated in this life.

Week 11 Artist Conversation – Saroush Moghim

Artist: Saroush Moghim

Exhibition: Geometry of Grief

Media: Cculpture

Gallery: Gatov Gallery East

About the artist – Being born in Iran Saroush moved to California with his family and is currently an undergrad aiming towards his BFA degree while taking courses in the school of arts sculpture program. His parents also being artists themselves he gained inspiration from them and eventually fell in love with sculpting. Overall being the outdoorsy type he hopes to get a career in sculpting in the near future.

Formal analysis – Sculpting and projections with a soundtrack is what Saroush’s artwork mostly consists of. Soundtrack that mostly featured sounds from nature, he includes nature into his artwork to give it a different sense of feeling. Mirroring images ontop of each other with different layers, Saroush creates a sense of feeling for his art work. Primarily using elements from nature Saroush incorporates nature sounds, colors, and ultimately feelings into his works of art.

Content Analysis – Saroush coming from an Islamic background, a background where nature is considered very valuable is incorporated into his works of art. Nature is incorporated into his feelings, his emotional state, and that is then translated onto his works of art. Reflecting internally is another huge element that Saroush tries to include his works of art, looking inward and taking in nature is a form of self change within oneself and he hopes that others can accomplish this by looking at his works of art.\

My experience – Initially going into the exhibit, I hear the soundtrack. Nature instantly comes to my mind and I’m already sold because I really love nature a lot. As soon as you hear the soundtrack you feel calm and at ease and I think this is what Saroush was aiming for. By far my favorite piece of the exhibition was the violing hanging with the layers of nature encompassing it. It is so unique that you just cant help to understand it. Being able to understand Saroush’s art work is important because it has to deal with ourselves internally and what we think matters in the world. I think his exhibition really helped me to see that better.


Week 10 – Art Activity – Architecture and Urban Planning

When it comes to the USU wedge, what I’m changing is that the black stone wall will be essentially cut in half, thus giving more space to reduce the flow of traffic between students. The main problem with that wedge is that the little opening is basically what most students decide to go through because “why not” I guess. By cutting in half the black stone wall, and getting rid of the bench that was there on the far right, which would give a lot more space for students to go through. Usually there is a line of students waiting to pass through that little wedge but by providing more space there wont be a line of students anymore, students will be able to walk freely through that wedge. Some trade offs to doing this is that I would be getting rid of a bench, thus not leaving much more space for students to sit and relax after a day of school but that shouldn’t be a problem because there are a lot of other places to sit by, and by getting rid of half of the black stone wall, I would be getting rid of a place for advertisements and posters that could be placed there. The way I made my choice was easy, there is traffic in the wedge because there isn’t enough space so by providing more space the flow of traffic will be reduced. The way I think students would talk about this new access route is that they would be glad knowing they wont have to wait in a line for other students and they can freely go to and from classes.3ebPWc4g.jpg

Week 10 Artist Conversation – Clare Samani

Artist – Clare Samani

Media – Print Making

Gallery – Merlino

Exhibition – Printing

About the artist – Clare is a senior at CSULB, only staying in long beach for school, Clare being from San Fernando Valley, is aiming for a bachelors degree in the arts while achieving a future major in print making. Being inspired by art her entire life, Clare hopes to further her art education at graduate school and hopefully achieve a future career in some sort of print making job.

Formal Analysis – When it comes to Clare’s art work, her prints primarily focus on clothing. With different colors to enhance the feeling of the clothes, the background compliments it. When it comes to the specific arrangement of the clothing, its in a straight vertical format. Each dress

Content Analysis – When it comes to the clothing that is used in her art works, the clothes are all americanized. So many different styles and types of clothing have been influenced in America. What Clare tried to accomplish was for ever piece of clothing that she portrays in her art works is to give it some sort of identity. An identity that is revolved on the impact of american clothing on America.

My experience – When it came to the overall exhibit, I really enjoyed it because it was simple yet complex at the same time. The colors of the specific clothing and the color of the background complement each other very elegantly. I really enjoyed the whole concept of the these exhibition and I hope to see more from this artist.