Week 15 – Extra Credit Class Evaluation

Overall I really enjoyed art 110 because not only did I do and try many new things, I got to meet many new people as well and learn about different art related things. I really enjoyed the many art activities we did. But I think my favorite would have to be the plastic mold of our hands. Overall the experience was something new for me because I never did anything like it before so it was very fun doing it for the first time. Although my mold didn’t come out that well I still really liked the activity overall. Another art activity I really liked was the sketching in the garden. I really enjoyed that art activity because it was very calming and it gave me a reason to finally go to the japanese garden something Ive been wanting to do since I was a freshman. Another art activity that I really enjoyed doing was the graffiti writing because like most art activities we did, it was something new for me. I have never done graffiti and doing it on a smaller scale gave me that opportunity. Although there was some art activities I didn’t really like like the ethnography because even though I had planned to sleep during it I couldnt really fall asleep for most of the night because I was so accustomed to using my phone and falling asleep with it. And when i didnt have it, it was very hard for me. Ultimately I really enjoyed using wordpress because it gave me an outlet to let other people know about the many different things I’m doing in class. It provided all of my thoughts and emotions all in one place for me to look at and I really enjoyed using it. When it came to slack I found it really difficult to get used to it at first, trying to understand the different talking areas etc. But once I got used to it I began to like it because it was a place to give opinions on Tee7J7Yg.jpgdifferent topicgyTKFYj.jpg41cjPOFg.jpg


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