Week 15 – Design Thinking Applied to life

1.The thing you currently think you’ll be doing with your life – Right now the thing I think Ill be doing with my life is work towards my biology degree and hopefully graduate from university in 4 years total. Afterwards maybe go to graduate school to further my education or maybe even possibly go to medical school. Afterwards I hope to eventually graduate from medical school and become a doctor. Eventually I want to do many great things as a doctor where I would eventually find someone I love, get married and have kids. That is my ideal life that I think I want to be doing.  Overall I feel like confidence would be maybe 90% + because overall I think being a doctor is a pretty prestigious job and that would definitely give me confidence. My resources might be 90%+ as well because being a doctor is a pretty well paying job and that would account for plentiful amount of resources for me to be using etc. My impact I feel would be like 95% because I would be saving peoples lives and I think that is pretty impactful. And my satisfaction would be 95% as well because I would definitely be satisfied at what I have accomplished.


2. The thing you would do if the current thing disappeared tomorrow – I think the thing I would if the current thing I planned for disappeared tomorrow would be still work towards my biology career and still go to graduate school. But instead of trying to go to medical school and become a doctor would become a teacher. I always kind of liked the idea of teaching other students. But honestly before that I would like to sort of teach like a bio or chem lab. I always found that really interesting. So if I couldn’t do what I planned to do I would finish my studies for a biology major, and either teach a lab or become a full blown teacher like at a high school or something. Overall I feel like my confidence would be at around 80% because I think being someone kids look up to learn different things would increase my confidence. My resources would prob be around 80% as well because overall I dont think teachers of lab instructors make that much money so I think my money would be limited. My impact would prob be 90% because helping others learn a certain subject definitely not only impacts yourself but others because you are furthering their education as well. My satisfaction would be 90% because I would be happy knowing Im helping others further their own career paths.

3. The thing you would do if you were financially secure, and no one would ever laugh, go ahead, what would it be – If I was financially secure and no one would ever laugh at what I was doing would be to just sit at home and play videogames honestly. Its something Ive done my whole entire life. With enough free time I feel like I could get really good at a video game and possibly even become a pro player in it. Overall I feel like my confidence would be around 70% because I would just be staying home all day playing video games and not really going out. My resources would be 100% but I would be financially secure and I wouldnt need to buy much if I was just staying home and playing videogames. My impact would prob be around 50% because I feel like I wouldn’t be impacting many people by just playing video games unless its with the people I am playing with. My satisfaction would prob be around 100% because who doesn’t want to just sit around and do nothing but play games all day.

Interview – I talked to my previous high school senior biology teacher and she said she loves her job. She loves teaching students and helping them in their future career paths. She puts a lot of time and dedication into her job and that brings her a lot of satisfaction in life. Overall I think LinkedIn is a good tool to use because it gets you involved with others with similar interests as you and it can get you out there to pursue your career path. When it comes to practice I think since I want to pursue grad school in my 2/3 career paths I would probably sit in on classes and learn more about how things work and then go from there. Doctor-with-Tablet.jpg


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