Week 13 Artist Conversation Laura Lopez

Artist – Laura Lopez

Media – Large canvas paintings

Gallery – Werby

Exhibition – Selvatica

About the artist – Laura Lopez was born in Columbia and at a young age traveled to the United States, where she pursued an education in painting and drawing. She is now about to graduate with an MFA in drawing and painting . Once she has graduated she hopes to do an artist residency to further her artistic career, with thoughts of going back to Columbia as well. Laura loves to express herself in many ways throughout her art work but also through singing and dancing is what she likes to do to express herself and have fun.

Formal Analysis – Huge canvases with varying bright colors. Different colors are given to different trees to signify that nature is very special and unique. Although the colors vary differently and are very bright they each come together to form one unique picture.

Content Analysis –  Laura Lopez uses the very bright almost neon like warm colors to use in her artwork. She uses this to give off the sense of feeling sort of like “hey look at me”, the colors help to signify that because they’re so bright and they draw attention. I think that is was what Laura wanted, she wanted to bring attention to nature and to show its beauty. Which is why she uses different colors. If she used the same color for the whole art piece it would be bland and boring. But if she uses varying bright colors the art work comes to live and shows how beautiful and unique nature really is.

Synthesis / My Experience – Looking at her exhibition I fell in love. I loved how the colors popped right out at you, and I loved how Laura used the varying colors to bring them all together into one beautiful piece of art work. She essentially brought her art work to life by using certain aspects of coloring. She gives off the feeling that nature has unique beauty that many people don’t seem to understand, but to those who really do understand. It is something special.


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