Week 12 Artist Conversation – Travis Lober

Exhibition – Work: Its a four letter word

Media – Print

Gallery – Merlino

About the Artist -Travis lober is working towards his BFA in print making and is currently in his last year at CSULB. Originally from NorCal Travis moved over to SoCal once he got accepted into CSULB. Originally he was majoring in graphic design but later on he switched his main focus to print making and he hopes to have a future career in it once he graduates.

Formal Analysis – At first glance Travis goes on to state that overall this exhibit took a long time to create due to the very meticulous attention to detail he did. Overall it took him about 3 years to create this exhibit and that is because he paid very close attention to detail. The main inspiration for this exhibit was Travis’ first job which was a construction worker, that is where he got most of his inspiration from and applied it to his exhibition. Applying what he learned from working construction he applied it to his art work and that is shown by how meticulous all of his works of art are.

Content Analysis – As Travis worked construction he gained a lot of knowledge and passion for what his job and that later became applicable to his art career. Becoming well known around different tools that allowed him to build a connection to not only the tools of his work but to his work overall. Pertaining to this exhibit he applies his connection to his tools and that is what he tries to show. A defining meaning that he learned as he worked construction and he became to appreciate his tools that used to work construction.

My Experience/ Synthesis – Overall this exhibit was very interesting, it opened a new perspective for me in terms that anything can be applied to art work. In this case an old job. Although me personally I haven’t had a job yet, I feel like if I did I could apply what I learned from that job into my overall life like Travis did. His appreciation for his work tools opened my eyes because anything is appreciated in this life.


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