Week 12 Art Experience – Ethnography

Honestly, at first I thought the whole experience was going to be extremely difficult. I mean no electronics for a whole night is something you don’t hear often now a days. But once I realized I just have to sleep the whole experience was really easy. At first it was a little frustrating not being able to reach over and grab my phone, but after a while it was liberating. I honestly think I did get better sleep because without constantly looking at my phone I was able to go to sleep earlier. Usually I am sleep deprived but once I went to bed earlier I got some much needed rest. Living without electricity is more harmonious with nature because its going to back our roots. Our ancestors didn’t have electricity at first and they used nature for their whole livelihood. Living without electricity is def boring but the more used to it you get the more things you find out to get rid of that boredom. People survived without constant stimulation by keeping busy. Helping around the house, going out, different things to keep their minds off the constant stimulation. My ideal level would be a balance between connectivity, and life activity. Not too much of both but a sweet spot of the 2.


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