Week 10 Artist Conversation – Clare Samani

Artist – Clare Samani

Media – Print Making

Gallery – Merlino

Exhibition – Printing

About the artist – Clare is a senior at CSULB, only staying in long beach for school, Clare being from San Fernando Valley, is aiming for a bachelors degree in the arts while achieving a future major in print making. Being inspired by art her entire life, Clare hopes to further her art education at graduate school and hopefully achieve a future career in some sort of print making job.

Formal Analysis – When it comes to Clare’s art work, her prints primarily focus on clothing. With different colors to enhance the feeling of the clothes, the background compliments it. When it comes to the specific arrangement of the clothing, its in a straight vertical format. Each dress

Content Analysis – When it comes to the clothing that is used in her art works, the clothes are all americanized. So many different styles and types of clothing have been influenced in America. What Clare tried to accomplish was for ever piece of clothing that she portrays in her art works is to give it some sort of identity. An identity that is revolved on the impact of american clothing on America.

My experience – When it came to the overall exhibit, I really enjoyed it because it was simple yet complex at the same time. The colors of the specific clothing and the color of the background complement each other very elegantly. I really enjoyed the whole concept of the these exhibition and I hope to see more from this artist.


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