Week 10 – Art Activity – Architecture and Urban Planning

When it comes to the USU wedge, what I’m changing is that the black stone wall will be essentially cut in half, thus giving more space to reduce the flow of traffic between students. The main problem with that wedge is that the little opening is basically what most students decide to go through because “why not” I guess. By cutting in half the black stone wall, and getting rid of the bench that was there on the far right, which would give a lot more space for students to go through. Usually there is a line of students waiting to pass through that little wedge but by providing more space there wont be a line of students anymore, students will be able to walk freely through that wedge. Some trade offs to doing this is that I would be getting rid of a bench, thus not leaving much more space for students to sit and relax after a day of school but that shouldn’t be a problem because there are a lot of other places to sit by, and by getting rid of half of the black stone wall, I would be getting rid of a place for advertisements and posters that could be placed there. The way I made my choice was easy, there is traffic in the wedge because there isn’t enough space so by providing more space the flow of traffic will be reduced. The way I think students would talk about this new access route is that they would be glad knowing they wont have to wait in a line for other students and they can freely go to and from classes.3ebPWc4g.jpg


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