Week 9 – Graffiti Writing

So this week we did Graffiti writing, and it was pretty fun to be honest. Never done anything like this and I think I did a pretty good job for my first time. First I wrote my name out with pencil and later used orange and blue spray paint to color in the letters. Although mine was on a miniature scale, maybe next time I can do it on a much larger scale. And maybe next time I can switch from block letters of my name, to different drawings like animals or something. Overall I really enjoyed this experience because it was something different, something I have never done before. Graffiti usually has a negative connotation because of street gangs etc, but this I feel has a different perspective because this is art. Art has different meaning and purpose to everyone around, and this is one activity I really enjoyed because it shows this different perspective. I cant wait for more activities like this.


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