Week 9 Artist Conversation – David Desantis

Artist – David DeSantis

Exhibition – Day Dreamer

Gallery – Merlino

Media – Ink and paper

About the artist – David is a senior undergraduate, who is aiming to get his BFA at art printmaking program at CSULB. He listens to various genres of music which he draws most of his inspiration from. Most specifically he listens to dubstep and rock music, and that helps him to get his ideas on paper. Originally wanting to do basic designs he later fell in love with fine art and incorporated his past experiences with designing with fine art to create the type of art we see here.

Formal Analysis – His works of art have a feeling of fluidity. No sharp, jagged edges, but simple and comforting curves. He gives his works of art a sense of movement and simplicity by the way the various bodies inside his work move across the page. Not really representing sharp edges or straight lines, the curves symbolize a free spirit which he draws from his past experiences.

Content Analysis – Even though his works of arts symbolize fluid shapes and curves, which are sometimes indistinguishable, but they have a deeper meaning. He says that he symbolizes different meanings to his works of art embody different ideas from his past experiences. He wants to symbolize things that aren’t considered the “usual”. He wants to do things his way and make his works of art symbolize something that isn’t considered the norm.

My experience – The way David incorporates his past experiences in his life into his art work is interesting and appealing to me, because like him I try to incorporate past experiences into my life into my current life. I really liked looking at his works of art because how fluid his works of art were, I cant wait to see more works from him.


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