Week 8 – Finger painting activity

The whole finger painting activity was pretty interesting, because I haven’t done any actual finger painting since I was a little kid. It was kind nostalgic doing it again. The whole experience was easy, because in the end it’s just finger painting. Overall painting with no subject was interesting, because you usually have a starting point on where you want to go with your art work. So when painting with no subject was interesting because I didn’t know where to start with my art work, in the end I just ended up going in circles, with different colors. The colors I used were red, blue, and green. In the end the final product with just a swirl of these three colors. Painting with no subject was pretty liberating because you weren’t confined to any sort of agenda when it came to the piece of art. When it comes to comparing to other pieces of work, most of them are confined to a certain topic or know what they’re going to do from the start. But with this one, it was up to ourselves to just be free and see what we can come up with.


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