Week 8 Classmate Convo – Jonathan Duran

So this week, I got to meet up with Jonathan, and I had a good time talking to him. Although he was from the 2 pm section, it was still a fun experience getting to talk to him. Jon is a sophomore at CSULB as a mechanical engineer. He likes to hang out with friends, go out to eat, and over all is just a sociable person. He likes to do well in school and focus very good at it, and at the same just be a sociable person. He has one dog, and loves to play basketball. He usually goes every weekend with friends to play basketball at the CSULB gym. Jon’s favorite place to eat is in&out, like mine as well, and his favorite is blue. He has one dog, and a younger sister. Jon is very into basketball shoes, and has quite a collection. Over all I really enjoyed talking to Jon, because he was a very down to earth person, and we shared a lot of hobbies together, like hanging out with friends, aspiring to do well in school, and over all just trying to be a fun person in life and have a good time. Here is Jon’s wordpress site. https://jonduranblog.wordpress.com/


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