Week 7 Classmate Conversation – Lisa Diaz

So this week, I got the opportunity to meet Lisa. Lisa is a second year, second semester student at CSULB. She is a Biology major and is currently taking Chem 111B and Bio 340.Lisa likes to go out and socialize with friends, likes to party and just over all be a very sociable person. Although she is retaking chem 111B , she is doing very well in there now and is overall doing very good her second year as a student at CSULB. Being born in California , Lisa doesn’t know what she wants to do after university. Although I am like that as well, there is plenty of time to still figure out what there is to do after university. Lisa likes to watch movies with friends and just over all have a good time.Over all Lisa likes to focus on her studies, while maintaining a healthy social life, and just have a good time with friends, and just have a good time in life.


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