Week 7 Artist Conversation – Elena Reznovan

Artist – Elena Reznovan

Exhibition – Stop and Stare

Media – Sculpture

Gallery – Gatov East

Elena being part of the masters program that takes place in CSULB, and is looking to achieve a masters degree in sculpting.Originall from Moldova , she traveled to the U.S. to study art and make a career out of it. After first being apart of the Maryland Institute College of Art. When she first began pursuing Art, Elena Reznovan was a painter but as she got more involved in art itself, she decided to move onto what is called interactive installations. After studying in Maryland Institute College of Art, she eventually came to California to pursue and further her art career because this is where space art is from.

When it came to specifically her work, its more of a piece of art work that involves different pieces, she uses these different pieces to form a whole. The whole represents something that is personal to her, and every intricate part of the whole is something that comes from something small. Her art work, Stop and Stare is a scenic piece of art work that focuses on mountains and clouds with the sun setting in the corner, which gives it a feeling of nature to me personally. When it comes to the room itself, its dark which gives the art work a some what of a light atmosphere because that is how it is represented. What is interesting is the use of square filters that thrown about around the art work, almost as if we choose what we want to see, but we should choose to not view things through a filter. Personally, the way I view this piece of art work is that we see things differently in life, which is why the filter is there to represent that. But what is really behind the filter is the beautiful part of life. We sadly sometimes choose to view things through filters because we think that is what we wanna see, but in reality the filter may not necessarily be the best thing because it skews our perspective in life. I feel that this is what Elena was trying to show. We in life filter ourselves to see what we wanna see, but deep down what we really wanna see is the beautiful parts of life and without it, we get a sense that something is missing from our life.

Overall the exhibit takes place in a black room. and where all you see is what on the wall. Her art work with the filters thrown wildly about across the work itself. Its almost as if you enter your own little world and and you can do is, “stop and stare” . I feel like Elena really captured what she was trying to do perfectly. She wanted to create a sense of space that the person who is looking at the art work can stop and pay attention to what is really going on. She creates an atmosphere where light is what is the main focus and that light helps create a sense of feeling, where you can appreciate what her art work really wants you to see.


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