Week 6 Short Story Nonfiction

When I was looking at this art work, at first I had no idea what I was looking at, but it wasn’t until I read the description where it made complete sense. Amy E. Williams provides a piece of art work that makes the person who is looking at it, think. Think about the fragility that they can see, but the physical attributes of the whole thing itself. This is where the art work personally makes me think.Growing up you get to understand how people work, and its how you understand it that means the most. People are fragile ye tthey have this built in strength within them that they can access at any time. It’s only when someone stops and gets to know the person where they see both sides. They have to examine not only the person physically, but mentally as well. This is how this art work makes me think. It makes me think that in order to get through life and getting to meet different kinds of people, you have to be able to do this. Be able to not only see a person for what they look like, but see a person for what they look like internally. You have to get to know both sides of a person. We as people choose how we perceive others, but the way we perceive others may not necessarily be the best. We have to be able to examine their individual attributes but also their collective attributes. Me personally, I like to get know people from both perspectives. Get to know them how they are on the outside, and how they are on the inside. And by doing this I get a better sense of how that person truly is. But to each their own, every one can decide how they perceive other people, but if we had more people in this world where, we got to know every single side of someone. Physical, mental, and how they act, the world would be a better place. We can’t judge someone without knowing how they really are.


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