Week 9 – Graffiti Writing

So this week we did Graffiti writing, and it was pretty fun to be honest. Never done anything like this and I think I did a pretty good job for my first time. First I wrote my name out with pencil and later used orange and blue spray paint to color in the letters. Although mine was on a miniature scale, maybe next time I can do it on a much larger scale. And maybe next time I can switch from block letters of my name, to different drawings like animals or something. Overall I really enjoyed this experience because it was something different, something I have never done before. Graffiti usually has a negative connotation because of street gangs etc, but this I feel has a different perspective because this is art. Art has different meaning and purpose to everyone around, and this is one activity I really enjoyed because it shows this different perspective. I cant wait for more activities like this.


Week 9 Artist Conversation – David Desantis

Artist – David DeSantis

Exhibition – Day Dreamer

Gallery – Merlino

Media – Ink and paper

About the artist – David is a senior undergraduate, who is aiming to get his BFA at art printmaking program at CSULB. He listens to various genres of music which he draws most of his inspiration from. Most specifically he listens to dubstep and rock music, and that helps him to get his ideas on paper. Originally wanting to do basic designs he later fell in love with fine art and incorporated his past experiences with designing with fine art to create the type of art we see here.

Formal Analysis – His works of art have a feeling of fluidity. No sharp, jagged edges, but simple and comforting curves. He gives his works of art a sense of movement and simplicity by the way the various bodies inside his work move across the page. Not really representing sharp edges or straight lines, the curves symbolize a free spirit which he draws from his past experiences.

Content Analysis – Even though his works of arts symbolize fluid shapes and curves, which are sometimes indistinguishable, but they have a deeper meaning. He says that he symbolizes different meanings to his works of art embody different ideas from his past experiences. He wants to symbolize things that aren’t considered the “usual”. He wants to do things his way and make his works of art symbolize something that isn’t considered the norm.

My experience – The way David incorporates his past experiences in his life into his art work is interesting and appealing to me, because like him I try to incorporate past experiences into my life into my current life. I really liked looking at his works of art because how fluid his works of art were, I cant wait to see more works from him.

Week 8 Classmate Convo – Jonathan Duran

So this week, I got to meet up with Jonathan, and I had a good time talking to him. Although he was from the 2 pm section, it was still a fun experience getting to talk to him. Jon is a sophomore at CSULB as a mechanical engineer. He likes to hang out with friends, go out to eat, and over all is just a sociable person. He likes to do well in school and focus very good at it, and at the same just be a sociable person. He has one dog, and loves to play basketball. He usually goes every weekend with friends to play basketball at the CSULB gym. Jon’s favorite place to eat is in&out, like mine as well, and his favorite is blue. He has one dog, and a younger sister. Jon is very into basketball shoes, and has quite a collection. Over all I really enjoyed talking to Jon, because he was a very down to earth person, and we shared a lot of hobbies together, like hanging out with friends, aspiring to do well in school, and over all just trying to be a fun person in life and have a good time. Here is Jon’s wordpress site. https://jonduranblog.wordpress.com/

Week 8 – Finger painting activity

The whole finger painting activity was pretty interesting, because I haven’t done any actual finger painting since I was a little kid. It was kind nostalgic doing it again. The whole experience was easy, because in the end it’s just finger painting. Overall painting with no subject was interesting, because you usually have a starting point on where you want to go with your art work. So when painting with no subject was interesting because I didn’t know where to start with my art work, in the end I just ended up going in circles, with different colors. The colors I used were red, blue, and green. In the end the final product with just a swirl of these three colors. Painting with no subject was pretty liberating because you weren’t confined to any sort of agenda when it came to the piece of art. When it comes to comparing to other pieces of work, most of them are confined to a certain topic or know what they’re going to do from the start. But with this one, it was up to ourselves to just be free and see what we can come up with.

Week 7 Artist Conversation – Elena Reznovan

Artist – Elena Reznovan

Exhibition – Stop and Stare

Media – Sculpture

Gallery – Gatov East

Elena being part of the masters program that takes place in CSULB, and is looking to achieve a masters degree in sculpting.Originall from Moldova , she traveled to the U.S. to study art and make a career out of it. After first being apart of the Maryland Institute College of Art. When she first began pursuing Art, Elena Reznovan was a painter but as she got more involved in art itself, she decided to move onto what is called interactive installations. After studying in Maryland Institute College of Art, she eventually came to California to pursue and further her art career because this is where space art is from.

When it came to specifically her work, its more of a piece of art work that involves different pieces, she uses these different pieces to form a whole. The whole represents something that is personal to her, and every intricate part of the whole is something that comes from something small. Her art work, Stop and Stare is a scenic piece of art work that focuses on mountains and clouds with the sun setting in the corner, which gives it a feeling of nature to me personally. When it comes to the room itself, its dark which gives the art work a some what of a light atmosphere because that is how it is represented. What is interesting is the use of square filters that thrown about around the art work, almost as if we choose what we want to see, but we should choose to not view things through a filter. Personally, the way I view this piece of art work is that we see things differently in life, which is why the filter is there to represent that. But what is really behind the filter is the beautiful part of life. We sadly sometimes choose to view things through filters because we think that is what we wanna see, but in reality the filter may not necessarily be the best thing because it skews our perspective in life. I feel that this is what Elena was trying to show. We in life filter ourselves to see what we wanna see, but deep down what we really wanna see is the beautiful parts of life and without it, we get a sense that something is missing from our life.

Overall the exhibit takes place in a black room. and where all you see is what on the wall. Her art work with the filters thrown wildly about across the work itself. Its almost as if you enter your own little world and and you can do is, “stop and stare” . I feel like Elena really captured what she was trying to do perfectly. She wanted to create a sense of space that the person who is looking at the art work can stop and pay attention to what is really going on. She creates an atmosphere where light is what is the main focus and that light helps create a sense of feeling, where you can appreciate what her art work really wants you to see.

Week 7 Classmate Conversation – Lisa Diaz

So this week, I got the opportunity to meet Lisa. Lisa is a second year, second semester student at CSULB. She is a Biology major and is currently taking Chem 111B and Bio 340.Lisa likes to go out and socialize with friends, likes to party and just over all be a very sociable person. Although she is retaking chem 111B , she is doing very well in there now and is overall doing very good her second year as a student at CSULB. Being born in California , Lisa doesn’t know what she wants to do after university. Although I am like that as well, there is plenty of time to still figure out what there is to do after university. Lisa likes to watch movies with friends and just over all have a good time.Over all Lisa likes to focus on her studies, while maintaining a healthy social life, and just have a good time with friends, and just have a good time in life.

Week 6 Short Story Nonfiction

When I was looking at this art work, at first I had no idea what I was looking at, but it wasn’t until I read the description where it made complete sense. Amy E. Williams provides a piece of art work that makes the person who is looking at it, think. Think about the fragility that they can see, but the physical attributes of the whole thing itself. This is where the art work personally makes me think.Growing up you get to understand how people work, and its how you understand it that means the most. People are fragile ye tthey have this built in strength within them that they can access at any time. It’s only when someone stops and gets to know the person where they see both sides. They have to examine not only the person physically, but mentally as well. This is how this art work makes me think. It makes me think that in order to get through life and getting to meet different kinds of people, you have to be able to do this. Be able to not only see a person for what they look like, but see a person for what they look like internally. You have to get to know both sides of a person. We as people choose how we perceive others, but the way we perceive others may not necessarily be the best. We have to be able to examine their individual attributes but also their collective attributes. Me personally, I like to get know people from both perspectives. Get to know them how they are on the outside, and how they are on the inside. And by doing this I get a better sense of how that person truly is. But to each their own, every one can decide how they perceive other people, but if we had more people in this world where, we got to know every single side of someone. Physical, mental, and how they act, the world would be a better place. We can’t judge someone without knowing how they really are.

Week 6 Zine and Flip Books Activity

As I was trying to come up with an idea to do my Flip Book I realized I have a biology exam on Wednesday. Obviously I had to to my flip book on it. And I think the content of the book itself represents my thoughts exactly. Although I can’t really say that I’m prepared, I’m studying as I write this. So maybe after a couple days whats inside the flip book wont be relevant anymore, but in  the mean time it represents 100% exactly what I’m feeling. Next time when I do a flip book I want to make it more professional, add pictures, just over all make it looks nice. Even though this was just a spur of the moment idea, I want to put more thought into my next flip book. Overall I really liked the idea of a flip book, but its a short and sweet summary of what’s going on and even includes little silly pictures.