Week 5 Artist Conversation – Molly Ramage

Artist – Molly Ramage

Exhibition Name – Sleep Sweat

Media – Printmaking

Gallery – Werby

About the Artist – Molly Ramage is an undergraduate student in CSULB’s printmaking program. Molly Ramage’s art reflects a landscape built from the ground up of emotions and the works of a subconscious mind. Molly’s use of paper in her art work encompasses her ideas how the world works. Prone to damage, yet able to withstand perils that may come upon on it.

Formal Analysis – Molly Ramage focuses on printmaking which encompasses the perspective of nightmares. Nightmares display a different form of the mind, a dark and twisted form that scare us. As mentioned above her art work is a reflection of not necessarily the darkness that comes from the subconscious of our minds but the unrealistic way the mind works with the backbone of an emotional landscape. Her art work features twisted figures and dark colors, although they are not necessarily frightening they are compelling and bring in the person closer.

Content Analysis – The Subject of Molly’s work is the dark and twisted part of our minds that is hellbent on emotional disruption. Provided with a paper background, Molly uses that paper to her advantage. She manipulates the paper to expose the audience to its malleability and the strength it has, but also to expose itself to the fragility and how easily prone it is to damage. Molly’s work as mentioned above, dwell on this sort of devilish artistic part of our mind. It focuses on how our subconscious can distort our reality. Distort to misconstrued humanity and construed it into scary looking figures. A loose narrative with an emotional landscape is a perfect way to describe Molly’s work.

My Experience – Personally I have had nightmares in the past, and the way my subconscious interprets those nightmares is interesting. Our mind works in mysterious ways and it can lead us to believe into things that aren’t necessarily realistic. I really liked Molly’s works because its a different way of showing art. Nightmares revolving and exposing us to many non realistic functions can appeal to me because everyone has had a nightmare. Although I normally forget about them the next Molly’s artwork can be looked back on to remember that.



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