Week 4 – Artist Conversation Joshua Vasquez

Artist – Joshua Vasquez

Exhibition – I love the way you fall asleep

Media – Drawing and Painting

Gallery – Gatov East

Facebook – Joshua Vasquez

About the Artist – Joshua Vasquez is an art student in an academic setting. He uses drawing and painting for most of his works while he uses sources off the outside world to influence his works such as a Los Angeles sunset. Overall Joshua is using this gallery as a controlled experiment, just to see how far he has come.

Formal Analysis – As stated Joshua Vasquez uses an outside environment as sources, but for this specific work, it was an experiment. A painting with no influence or feedback is what Joshua used for this specific painting. He wanted his own voice when it came to his work, not a pre-determined topic that he had to fulfill. Large paintings with sunset influence from Los Angeles is what Joshua incorporates into his work.With bold dark letters the message is clear and that is what Joshua was trying to show.

Content Analysis – As mentioned earlier Joshua Vasquez made this art work with no influence or feedback.With zero influence, zero feedback Joshua was able to get his actual voice across. Without being subjected to what the masses want, Joshua was able to do what he wanted. And that’s all that matters when it comes to Art. Art is about having personal meanings to people. And if there is no meaning to the person who is doing the artwork then what is the point of art? By incorporating city life to his works Vasquez is able to get his voice across. A voice that reads  “I love the way you fall asleep” Not getting lost in the “assignment” is what Joshua says, but getting your voice out there is what matters.

My Experience – I completely feel like this, personally I feel that sometimes people get lost in what Art really is. They get a sense that art is supposed to please the masses or else it is not going to be good. But that is completely wrong. Art is supposed to please the person that is doing the art work. Art compels deep meaning and thought into people not a paycheck to people because that is what people want. What can be considered by someone can be considered not art by others, but all that matters is what that someone thinks about their own work.


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