Week 4 – Art Care Package

I am sending this art care package to my 56 year old grandmother who lives in Cerritos. Overall my experience doing this art care package was pretty interesting. Deciding what to send specially which pieces had meaning to my grandmother and I was the most difficult part. Eventually I decided on various post cards she has sent me. Including a christmas card, and a graduation card. Various zumiez stickers because that is where we sometimes go together to shop. Money because my grandmother loves to spoil me and on my birthday she always gives me a little something. Theres a panera gift card in there because she loves to eat there as well. A notebook because she has her cooking recipes written inside her own notebook. And just various backgrounds that just signify art work that she has around her house.

  1. Sending an ACP is like sending a snapchat in that you’re basically sending a snapshot of something that you find interesting and sending it to someone who you want to experience that with you as well.
  2. The way an ACP is different from sending a snapchat in that it might have more deeper meaning than a regular snapchat
  3. I think ephemera holds value and is something precious.I think it is up to the person to determine whether something holds value and meaning to them and I think many people do find meaning and value in the little things from lets say their grandmother.
  4. There is no difference between art seen by many and art seen by few, because art is making someone feel a certain way and to get a deeper sense of feeling and see things from a different perspective. Both of which accomplish.
  5. I think the time and effort does mean something because you’re going out of your way to do something to send to someone and now a days everything is instantaneous which may sometimes be a good thing because you might want that person to see something right away. Or maybe it might not be good because you want what you’re sending to have meaning and maybe waiting longer for it would mean there is a deeper meaning for what ever is being sent.
  6. Overall I think an ACP and a snapchat can both convey the message of love. Like I said it depends on the person and the way they view things in life. What some might not find interesting or find love in at all someone else might.

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