Week 3 Artist conversation – Kelvin Lopez

Artist – Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition – Scrybaby

Media – Mixed Media, Lithograph, Mono-Seragraph

Gallery – CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

Instagram – @klart760

About the Artist

Lopez a student at the School of Art’s, is  part of the print making program. Being part of this program allows him to create his works of arts by using what is known as a lithograph. Using his life, beliefs and morals to influence his work of arts, Lopez creates a different sense in his works and uses those different meanings to influence people that take the time to evaluate and appreciate his art works.

Formal Analysis

Lopez’s work mainly consist of art works that use lithograph on canvas. Kevin’s works of arts use bright colors that give off  a feeling of bright and a feeling of warmth. A good word to describe Lopez’s works of art is abstract, because the works of art were generally arranged in such a manner. Almost to the point where you to had stare long and hard to really understand what Lopez was trying to get across on his canvas.

Content Analysis

Kevin Lopez acclaims his works of art to his background, his beliefs, and overall his morals that he was instilled upon growing up. Aside from using canvas paintings, Lopez also uses crystals through out his works of art to give across a meaning to his work that he attributes to his personal beliefs. Paintings of dogs and crystals seem to take up most of what he is trying to show in his works of art. Almost as if Lopez is using these types as the protagonists in his work to get his life across, to express it in a specific way that is dear to him. Using experiences through out life he incorporates them into his works of art.

My experience

Personally the way I see Kevin incorporate different aspects of his life in his works, resonates with me . Because I always look very closely at my life and try to apply it differently  to other areas in my life as well. The way Kevin incorporates it though to reflect his own personal meanings and not necessarily abide to the rules of art, that it has to mean this certain thing resonates strongly with me. Kevin knows how to create a beautiful work of art out of something that is dear to him and that is what being an artist is all about.quC85tZ.png


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