Week 2 Demise via Wrist Cutting

Xm1dUCKg.jpgWhen thinking about how I chose this scene, I thought to myself what is probably the easiest way to get the central message across. Wrist cutting is something is is pretty well known when it comes to harming oneself and it provides a clear message. Although I didn’t have fancy blood to use in my activity, I did have ketchup. I rubbed ketchup on both of my wrists, the knife, and on the walls, and sides of the bathtub to really sell what I was aiming for. I then had my mother take two photos. A close up as shown in the blog title and a picture standing ontop of the toilet to provide a sort of aerial view. Overall this activity provided a different feeling personally, I never really had to think about my ideal way of dying, so it provided me with a different aspect of thinking that I never really had to go think about.


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