Week 5 Automatic Drawing

This week we did an Automatic Drawing. A drawing where basically it drew itself. It was an interesting experience because I have never done anything like it. For my Automatic drawing, my partner was my mom. After getting the giggles out of the way we finally got down to business and let the drawing do itself. Although it looks like just a bunch of squiggles on a piece of paper, this is what an automatic drawing is. Overall after the experience my paper was just a bunch of little squiggles, doodles thrown about, and although it doesn’t necessarily look like art to others, it does to me, because it is something that I did, something that matters to me. If I wanted to I could probably further enhance my drawing as Glenn showed in his explanation of an Automatic drawing, but as of right now its just squiggles on a piece of paper. SXyjsTzg.jpg


Week 5 Artist Conversation – Molly Ramage

Artist – Molly Ramage

Exhibition Name – Sleep Sweat

Media – Printmaking

Gallery – Werby

About the Artist – Molly Ramage is an undergraduate student in CSULB’s printmaking program. Molly Ramage’s art reflects a landscape built from the ground up of emotions and the works of a subconscious mind. Molly’s use of paper in her art work encompasses her ideas how the world works. Prone to damage, yet able to withstand perils that may come upon on it.

Formal Analysis – Molly Ramage focuses on printmaking which encompasses the perspective of nightmares. Nightmares display a different form of the mind, a dark and twisted form that scare us. As mentioned above her art work is a reflection of not necessarily the darkness that comes from the subconscious of our minds but the unrealistic way the mind works with the backbone of an emotional landscape. Her art work features twisted figures and dark colors, although they are not necessarily frightening they are compelling and bring in the person closer.

Content Analysis – The Subject of Molly’s work is the dark and twisted part of our minds that is hellbent on emotional disruption. Provided with a paper background, Molly uses that paper to her advantage. She manipulates the paper to expose the audience to its malleability and the strength it has, but also to expose itself to the fragility and how easily prone it is to damage. Molly’s work as mentioned above, dwell on this sort of devilish artistic part of our mind. It focuses on how our subconscious can distort our reality. Distort to misconstrued humanity and construed it into scary looking figures. A loose narrative with an emotional landscape is a perfect way to describe Molly’s work.

My Experience – Personally I have had nightmares in the past, and the way my subconscious interprets those nightmares is interesting. Our mind works in mysterious ways and it can lead us to believe into things that aren’t necessarily realistic. I really liked Molly’s works because its a different way of showing art. Nightmares revolving and exposing us to many non realistic functions can appeal to me because everyone has had a nightmare. Although I normally forget about them the next Molly’s artwork can be looked back on to remember that.


Week 4 – Artist Conversation Joshua Vasquez

Artist – Joshua Vasquez

Exhibition – I love the way you fall asleep

Media – Drawing and Painting

Gallery – Gatov East

Facebook – Joshua Vasquez

About the Artist – Joshua Vasquez is an art student in an academic setting. He uses drawing and painting for most of his works while he uses sources off the outside world to influence his works such as a Los Angeles sunset. Overall Joshua is using this gallery as a controlled experiment, just to see how far he has come.

Formal Analysis – As stated Joshua Vasquez uses an outside environment as sources, but for this specific work, it was an experiment. A painting with no influence or feedback is what Joshua used for this specific painting. He wanted his own voice when it came to his work, not a pre-determined topic that he had to fulfill. Large paintings with sunset influence from Los Angeles is what Joshua incorporates into his work.With bold dark letters the message is clear and that is what Joshua was trying to show.

Content Analysis – As mentioned earlier Joshua Vasquez made this art work with no influence or feedback.With zero influence, zero feedback Joshua was able to get his actual voice across. Without being subjected to what the masses want, Joshua was able to do what he wanted. And that’s all that matters when it comes to Art. Art is about having personal meanings to people. And if there is no meaning to the person who is doing the artwork then what is the point of art? By incorporating city life to his works Vasquez is able to get his voice across. A voice that reads  “I love the way you fall asleep” Not getting lost in the “assignment” is what Joshua says, but getting your voice out there is what matters.

My Experience – I completely feel like this, personally I feel that sometimes people get lost in what Art really is. They get a sense that art is supposed to please the masses or else it is not going to be good. But that is completely wrong. Art is supposed to please the person that is doing the art work. Art compels deep meaning and thought into people not a paycheck to people because that is what people want. What can be considered by someone can be considered not art by others, but all that matters is what that someone thinks about their own work.

Week 4 – Art Care Package

I am sending this art care package to my 56 year old grandmother who lives in Cerritos. Overall my experience doing this art care package was pretty interesting. Deciding what to send specially which pieces had meaning to my grandmother and I was the most difficult part. Eventually I decided on various post cards she has sent me. Including a christmas card, and a graduation card. Various zumiez stickers because that is where we sometimes go together to shop. Money because my grandmother loves to spoil me and on my birthday she always gives me a little something. Theres a panera gift card in there because she loves to eat there as well. A notebook because she has her cooking recipes written inside her own notebook. And just various backgrounds that just signify art work that she has around her house.

  1. Sending an ACP is like sending a snapchat in that you’re basically sending a snapshot of something that you find interesting and sending it to someone who you want to experience that with you as well.
  2. The way an ACP is different from sending a snapchat in that it might have more deeper meaning than a regular snapchat
  3. I think ephemera holds value and is something precious.I think it is up to the person to determine whether something holds value and meaning to them and I think many people do find meaning and value in the little things from lets say their grandmother.
  4. There is no difference between art seen by many and art seen by few, because art is making someone feel a certain way and to get a deeper sense of feeling and see things from a different perspective. Both of which accomplish.
  5. I think the time and effort does mean something because you’re going out of your way to do something to send to someone and now a days everything is instantaneous which may sometimes be a good thing because you might want that person to see something right away. Or maybe it might not be good because you want what you’re sending to have meaning and maybe waiting longer for it would mean there is a deeper meaning for what ever is being sent.
  6. Overall I think an ACP and a snapchat can both convey the message of love. Like I said it depends on the person and the way they view things in life. What some might not find interesting or find love in at all someone else might.

Week 3 Artist conversation – Kelvin Lopez

Artist – Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition – Scrybaby

Media – Mixed Media, Lithograph, Mono-Seragraph

Gallery – CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

Instagram – @klart760

About the Artist

Lopez a student at the School of Art’s, is  part of the print making program. Being part of this program allows him to create his works of arts by using what is known as a lithograph. Using his life, beliefs and morals to influence his work of arts, Lopez creates a different sense in his works and uses those different meanings to influence people that take the time to evaluate and appreciate his art works.

Formal Analysis

Lopez’s work mainly consist of art works that use lithograph on canvas. Kevin’s works of arts use bright colors that give off  a feeling of bright and a feeling of warmth. A good word to describe Lopez’s works of art is abstract, because the works of art were generally arranged in such a manner. Almost to the point where you to had stare long and hard to really understand what Lopez was trying to get across on his canvas.

Content Analysis

Kevin Lopez acclaims his works of art to his background, his beliefs, and overall his morals that he was instilled upon growing up. Aside from using canvas paintings, Lopez also uses crystals through out his works of art to give across a meaning to his work that he attributes to his personal beliefs. Paintings of dogs and crystals seem to take up most of what he is trying to show in his works of art. Almost as if Lopez is using these types as the protagonists in his work to get his life across, to express it in a specific way that is dear to him. Using experiences through out life he incorporates them into his works of art.

My experience

Personally the way I see Kevin incorporate different aspects of his life in his works, resonates with me . Because I always look very closely at my life and try to apply it differently  to other areas in my life as well. The way Kevin incorporates it though to reflect his own personal meanings and not necessarily abide to the rules of art, that it has to mean this certain thing resonates strongly with me. Kevin knows how to create a beautiful work of art out of something that is dear to him and that is what being an artist is all about.quC85tZ.png

Week 3 Classmate Conversation – Anthony Doo

This week in class, I got to meet Anthony. He is a 2nd year student at CSULB and is a film major despite being undeclared till spring. Besides sleeping he likes to hang out with friends, watch movies and just be social. Born in Los Angeles, he moved to Orange County at 5 years old and currently resides in Cypress. Anthony is currently taking Art 110 because he needed this class as a requirement for his film major. Although Anthony doesn’t really know what he wants to do out of college, he hopes just to have a stable job and earn some income. Anthony’s favorite food is in&out but enjoys 5 guys. Over all good vibes is his motto, he ran track in junior high, and did tennis/track in high school. He recently got a new chihuahua and enjoys watching sports. I really enjoyed talking to Anthony this week. Anthony’s word press site – https://anthonydoo.wordpress.com

Week 2 Demise via Wrist Cutting

Xm1dUCKg.jpgWhen thinking about how I chose this scene, I thought to myself what is probably the easiest way to get the central message across. Wrist cutting is something is is pretty well known when it comes to harming oneself and it provides a clear message. Although I didn’t have fancy blood to use in my activity, I did have ketchup. I rubbed ketchup on both of my wrists, the knife, and on the walls, and sides of the bathtub to really sell what I was aiming for. I then had my mother take two photos. A close up as shown in the blog title and a picture standing ontop of the toilet to provide a sort of aerial view. Overall this activity provided a different feeling personally, I never really had to think about my ideal way of dying, so it provided me with a different aspect of thinking that I never really had to go think about.

Week 2 Classmate Conversation – Erin Flores

This week I got to speak with Erin, and I learned a lot about her. She is currently a freshman at CSULB and wants to help the environment. She is an environmental science major and wants to do environmental law. She loves to play volleyball and overall wants to bring changes to the environment to provide a very safe place for everyone around. She is taking art 110 because she needs it as a G.E. requirement. Not only does Erin play volleyball but she also wants to partake in sailing and hopes to do that soon. Although she has a little sister who is currently enrolled in Milikan she always wanted a brother. Erin wants to do great things in life and over all provide a nice and safe environment for everyone around. WordPress site – erinfloresblog.wordpress.com