Week 1 Classmate Conversation Priscilla Mota- Gaona

In todays class we had a conversation with a classmate. Which is where I had the pleasure of meeting Priscilla. After speaking with Priscilla for a while I got to learn so many things about her. She is a junior at CSULB and is a nursing major. She is taking this course because it is needed for a private school for nursing. Priscilla considers her to be quite sociable, and likes to do many different sports and activities. From swimming, to playing softball, to doing zumba, to just dancing for fun she likes to have fun in life but still manages to maintain A’s and B’s in school. With maroon being her favorite color she gets inspired by her parents to do well in school and by quotes with a positive message. Priscilla’s favorite restaurant is Olive Garden, so if you’re around there you might see her socializing. If she could choose to be any animal she would choose a butterfly because as a butterfly you can fly around and just be free. She has 1 Chihuahua and if given the option to choose between the beach or the house, you would catch her at home. I asked Priscilla to tell me a secret she doesn’t tell people and her secret was that she beat cancer in 2015. Which is quite amazing.


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